About us

Where does the name AASAYA come from?

AASAYA is derived from the Sanskrit word "āśaya" and means positive intention. Because with our high-quality products we want to do just that: to support you on your way to more vitality and quality of life.

Healthy gut - healthy you

Healthy gut - healthy you: It is no secret that the gut has been seen as the center of health in many cultures for thousands of years.

Our search for a sustainable strengthening of health and an improvement in the quality of life led us to AASAYA immun. Food supplements have long provided reliable and very good support for a sensible diet.

The human gut is not only a digestive organ, but according to current findings in medical research, it is also a control center for almost all bodily functions: a large part of our immune system and the intestinal nervous system (gut-brain axis) have an influence on vitality, mood and well-being. Probiotics (bacterial cultures) and prebiotics (dietary fibres) play a key role here.

We firmly believe that nutrition is a significant cornerstone for an active and healthy life. True to the motto "You are what you eat", as many people as possible should have meaningful and easy access to it.

Our product development

During our research for our product, internationally conducted studies and renowned publications drew our attention to the topic of microbiome and synbiotics. Our first product, AASAYA immun, is based on findings from international microbiome research and is a premium nutritional supplement through the combination of the three ingredients probiotics, prebiotics and vitamins.

We have developed a modern and safe product that naturally strengthens the body's own defences and is easy to use over the long term.

For the unique formulation (patent pending) and innovative character, we have received WIPANO funding from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection as well as the Gründerstipendium NRW.

Our journey is far from over and we will continue to search for further approaches for a vital and healthy life out of conviction and passion.

We are the founders of AASAYA

Dr. Jojo Wilfred

Co-Founder / Medical Advisory Board

Internist, occupational/nutritional physician

Othmar Stehlik

Co-Founder / Managing Director


Daniel Jacob

Co-Founder / Managing Director

Finance, Marketing

As the son of Indian parents, I came into contact with Ayurvedic teachings at an early age and later took up classical medical studies in Germany. Traditional goals of the Indian healing art are to detoxify the body and to activate the self-healing powers. In addition to massages, heat treatments and baths, nutrition plays a particularly important role. High-quality nutritional supplements also represent for me a bridge between the "western orthodox medicine" and the" eastern life medicine".

Dr. Jojo Wilfred

As a family father, I pay attention to my health and worked on AASAYA immun for my own interest. To cope with my stressful everyday life, it was important for me to find a supplement that I can use every day.

Othmar Stehlik

As a frequent traveler, it was important for me to have a daily routine for myself in my stressful everyday life. Therefore, I was looking for a supplement that supports my healthy lifestyle on a daily basis and is easy to use. With AASAYA immun we have a product that was inspired by the findings of scientific publications and is unique in its kind.

Daniel Jacob

AASAYA immun

Enjoy the quality of life